Annoying Orange…

Life doesn’t have to make sense always

Sometimes you just want to be unreasonable , unmanageable and most annoying character around….

 Try it, you will feel better especially when you feel that following rules and being honest isn’t helping anyways!!!

 Once In a while sit on top of your tower looking down at the world like a toy Story

Sit at your workstation look upon the sky and get lost in no world

Next time your boss is screaming his /her lungs out imagine a wild alligator yawning and Give a throw up expression when you get a feedback

When meetings feel like “ ya ..whatever..” look around and imagine your colleague hanging themselves and setting the place on fire.When you are just sick of listening and taking orders once in awhile give yourself a break, just throw a sarcastic smile and walk away

Look at the files on your desk and ask yourself “Do I really care and what is this all about anyways?”  


Get dyslexic with your target figures and give adlerine rush to your creative nerves,

Draw cartoons instead of MOM’s , spill water or tea on the employee you hate the most


Turn a blind eye to the so call RULES OF LIFE

Mess up your room, throw things everywhere , get under the bed , cuddle your dog and sleep to glory

Soak yourself in the bath tub like a hippo in a puddle

Melt the chocolate bar, lick your fingers with chocolate all over

Put on your favorite torn pajamas , feel the warmth of old faded jerkin and take a stroll in the busiest mall

Just get carefree and funny , if not in real at least in your world of imagination.


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