Only to have your morning and nights to start and end with a bunker bed, laptop and a common frying pan……..


I am probably not the right person to touch on the economical aspects such as the industry boom, market stability etc… however I can certainly give an idea about how the routine life would look for an ordinary individual or youngster who wants to leave his home country to get the exposure and feel of life away from their crowded countries and especially the ones falling under “Developing nations” tag.

As a migrant DUBAI definitely was not the one in TOP 3 of my list,  however was and is worth the try as it is Easy on pocket and much more quicker to relocate if you are desperately looking to change the air your breathe for a couple of years until other plans take shape. If you are single women then this will be one of the perfect options in such scenarios keeping in mind the safety and broad enough mindset when it comes to dressing and other socializing habits.

This city has a lot to offer for any bronze, copper, silver or gold plate you hold matching your income scale. The city is alive 24/7 for people who love being on streets and for whom entertainment in life plays the prime role. Ample options in terms of food stretching right from the Middle East authentic flavors to Brazilian succulent bites or you own country meal at an affordable price.  There are hosts of cultural, theatrical and other global fest happening round the year.  shopaholic will never want to leave this place. Even though it’s an Arabic country they are in front league when it comes to fashion and brands. You can explore fashion from the A list designer picks to the most common retail brands. Never ending range of mesmerizing fragrances is in stock for all the perfume lovers. Not forget the gadget and car freaks, Name it and you will find it!

The most important and basic need that each one of us thrives and probably one of the challenging one in this city is having a shelter. To be precise an appropriate shelter. As every other thing accommodation here is not actually classified based on the coins tingling in your wallet. Filthy rich can certainly own one of the most lavish villas designed by Bugatti or every night shares his or her dreams with fishes in a house under waters by the sea. However for the so-called common man who these days struggle to even touch the ground it’s a different game altogether when it comes to accommodation.

The rents are sky-high and there are no flexible options when it comes to paying your rent. If you need to own an apt or studio you need to pay quarterly checks in advance which sums up to a huge amount and definitely pinches giving away in one go. It’s easy when you have two people earning and also if you mark high on a scale. But for bachelors who are between 5000 to 6000 a month pay scale it is something that only when you land here you will understand the true nasty picture and let me tell you this what an average Asian youth will land up with in the beginning unless you are highly qualified with rich experience or fall under the professional category.

This class generally opts for sharing accommodation where you end up shelling no less than 2000 DHS a month including all other utilities. If you are a one of those neurotype who loves to chase and save money and has completely lost the sensitive side for comfort and hygiene then you will end up in bed space somewhere around 850 to 1200 DHS a month only to have your morning and nights to start and ends with a bunker bed, laptop and a common frying pan. You experience almost all moods and emotions  because you share your space with someone. Differences over cleanliness and food habits are common and hence people prefer to share with same nationality. Seldom will you find people sharing and mixing with other nationalities for accommodation. If you are a cleanliness freak then better not step in the kitchen or get used to giving a blind eye. Same applies to rest rooms unless all the roommates believe in clean as you go policy instead of weekly general cleaning policy. If you are mingling seriously with someone then having privacy can be a big issue.

On a positive note if you are missing your hostel times here’s the chance to revisit those times, if your roommate matches your wavelength nothing like it.

Better set your plans and priorities right and know what lifestyle you seek or are used to before you arrive with your visit visa in search of the dream life!


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