Crazy Reflections


I sit at my desk sulking , with warm hands covering my cold face; and Eyes gazing the space,

Rush of strange Questions haunting the brain, who am I and why did I land on this plain? , Was I here only to claim the pain?

Sometimes I want to melt and boil and sometimes I want to freeze and coil,

One me wishes to the burn the world in gleaming yellow and orange while one I wish to paint is all dark and black in rage,

Someone in me feels miserable, while someone from me feels accomplished within the constant battle,a part wishes to give up and a part yet feels it can tackle

Between the two lies the light of life wanting to flood breaking the walls flesh and blood,

Unaided with sharpness of fate, the spirit awaits the murky shadow of time to open the gate,

The cage will be seethed in no time and the spirit will elope, only to be forever away from the earth’s storm and free from existence and form.


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