Discovering Life~

Sitting alone on the old timber bench,

The lovely young boy watched the burning sun softly kissing the tranquil ocean,

The union of intense grief and illuminating joy was splashed far and wide making the sky brunette.

 As he saw the sunset, he saw the depth of marine within him and the furious tides of emotions hitting the shores of his trembling heart. His body felt exhausted with the inner turmoil while his intellect felt suffocated in the conflict of heart and mind.Pain was desperate to break the boundaries, and tears ran down his glowing juvenile face. Sealing his warm and wet eyes he wished to assemble himself and fall asleep.

 As he felt the satin clod hug of the wind soft ly healing him, an angelic voice whispered to him,

 “Your center carved with deep cuts of fears and scripts of failures is the home…

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