An endless walk!


What I seek or what is that I regret?  Left at the mercy of time, the only key I find to survive is acceptance.

Still and calm I stand as I touch the median of life. I see my reflection every morning and I travel deep within myself. Only with a tiny glowing light in me the source of this life, I do not where I am headed in life why I am the way I am!

This life looks like a mere transaction of karma, needles to say the debits are on a rising scale. When was the last time I ever did anything for myself? My own sprit! Burdened with responsibilities and trapped in situations I have lost the track of earthly time and the confined frames of happiness. I am just there breathing. Endless travel, there is no destination! Every time I stop and try to settle there is storm that awaits me and compels me to once again walk. I keep fighting a battle that might only end with my own end.

Each morning only casts a dark shadow of sorrow and loneliness upon me. Every night comes with cold winds that only make me dive in the ocean of frozen past. The body lies warm and running but the heart is numb and dead.

Feel like an alien on this planet though it has been my home for infinite lifetimes. Here’s where I belong and have come this far. People see life, courage and strength in me, but all I see is pain, fatigue and silence. Silences that are perfectly mine and make me feel complete while the world leaves me incomplete as they walk through me.


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