A simple fragrance, just being there!

12Strange lifetime! Off track years and deep rooted silence. I love it all and I wonder too. So connected to life yet so away that every breath makes my heart beat and the same time feels like the last one. Should I be blessed for being loved so much or should I regret for the limited time to enjoy the expressions of love within the earthly frame?

I stand in the midst of chaos yet its only silence that echoes in me. A silence that has many short stories trapped in it. Gleaming smiles and glittering tears! Broken heart with beats of never ending love!

A mind that is forced to be conscious yet drifts in the magical world of existence away from the rational equations and logical theorems of this journey. A  Spirit that only knows to move effortlessly with the rhythm of supreme consciousness, the purity that introduces you to the precious moment of birth and death at the same time.

Eyes look pale, deep down they are filled with grief and pain. Pain is attractive but its expression is not accepted.  Some souls comes with a purpose of understanding and just being there unconditionally, tough the conscious life demands at times to be otherwise, but for some reason world gets used to the purpose than one carrying it.

Acceptance of all!  Acceptance of pain and joy. Life feels like a dust. Dust that can even settle on king’s crown and dust that can just be under anyone’s feet.


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