Spark of silence – My true form!


I feel like a broken angel. Angel whose wings are injured, Injured fighting the battle of love and life. Everyone’s prayer for this angel seems to be heard but her own prays just hit the sky and return as a curse. I see the sky laughing upon me and the earth carrying me with mercy. Eyes full of questions and every breath is like a cruel yet helpless attempt of killing itself.

The clear spirit craves to return to its home. This world doesn’t seem to understand the pure and unconditional way of love. In fact the only language I know is love . This grace makes living tougher making it a mere experience of survival.

Though there are some other sparks who seem to reciprocate to this language yet confused as they themselves are entangled between the seeking of body, mind and spirit. Trying to define their existence and the wholeness in this single experience within limited and conditioned boundaries called as Life! The never ending loop of illusions!

I have vivid memories of past lives. Everyone around and every action is like a reflection, A gesture of give and take in the bargain of that small moment of happiness and smile that shines through the mirror of visions .I stand at a point where I feel disconnected from my own roots. Roots of birth and death! There is only a deep resonance sound that takes me away from this body and mind allowing me to shine. I exist in the form of light, a small blob of light, each fragment of which is essential. Every tiny spark makes me complete.

As I travel up above in the sky crossing the limitless boundaries, I peep down to see myself in numerous forms on this earth. I travel through the stars and whirling planets. So much at peace in this form! As a body I am so tangled between the physical and mental conditions. All those just seem like myth as I travel up and high.

Just being! A state with absolute silence. A state with no emotions no feelings. Here the purpose of being is the silence, Silence that carries the universal truth and the completeness.


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