Alive By chance…

123The roads are half and half is the destination. So are my earth and the sky above it. My world is half! The mind dares to wander away from the logical life and conscious rational equations. I just don’t connect to people around me. When I love I love like I am love. There is no beginning or end!

It’s just love…my goodness how difficult it is to even fit this thing in human made words.I am stubborn today for some reason that I do not know! To see he who created you and he who shines from you? Why are you as pure as light and so melodious as the first sound of the universe.

I don’t know why I wish to disappear in silence for you to become visible to Life. I roam the crowded city with an empty heart and pale eyes. I give up myself for some time to the worldly addictions just to slow down and to feel your pulse within me. There is some kind of mysterious Energy that assembles me from the scattered me. It takes me on a tour of my own existence. The awesome Feeling the red blood flowing through every cell, the tiny blood cell, the bottle green silk veins that carry them and every organ that functions so beautifully and in perfect rhythm.

A midst the moving city I stand still. Al kind s of noises fills my mind yet I am lost to the vision where I only see the spark in every mortal body around me..I close my eyes and only shiver s run up my spine, It’s an intimate point where my own body meets my spirit and all I see is you as my reflection.


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