Insanity for Most and Bizarre wisdom for few….


Deep wounds and sorrowful cries! Hollow heart , swaying emotions, Sunken spirit and bleeding feet is what one can describe me at the moment.

It all looks scattered and people have nothing to share but a hope for everything to fall in place. “Fall in place” is nothing but to fit in the wide range of conditions mistaken as perfect and happy life.  There is a frame for a perfect picture per your class, gender and the culture that you have chosen to be born in.Though things look imperfect to others  and so to me at times, Somewhere I just know that this is how it had to happen for I am the one who has chosen it. Chosen it to learn something . There is always a purpose for everything and there are no co-incidences. It’s just a plan that we have no memory of now. It’s  synchronicity!

Deep Valleys ,melodious sounds, Natural wind chimes , swaying trees , Flying birds and flowing rivers . A bizarre world that  most of the humans will conclude as hallucination or a creative way of mind to get away from the stress.

I see a bright light watching over me  all the time . It notices everything that I do. Many a times I feel a blending connection with this source , it surrounds me and makes me feel at home with its force. It’s a state of absolute being. Peace and silence that feels complete in its unique way. Everything feels unknown yet known.

I forget my body and everything around. Breath is slow and so is my mind. I want to stay formless and shapeless forever. As a spark I watch my own body move and talk  I am a witness to my own mortal frame which is responsible for my karma and all kinds of expression that in turn create karma. A vicious  loop.

I look at people around and for that moment I feel like an alien , though it does not bother me or panic me. I see them all so attached to the manmade world yet detached to their own existence. Probably I too have been in same place for unknown number of previous lives. It is the time that you spend exploring and experiencing the different forms on this precious planet. Sometimes you just keep going round and round in the maze and sometimes you just know how to solve and get in the next one.

I wish I could narrate all my lifetimes and sum up every experience in it.  Beginning with the simplest form to the complex human form. A book that would never end…


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