“I”in “she”

Long hair, glowing skin and dark glasses. Deep and confident eyes now try to find a teenage girl who was once excited to enter the game of life.

she held up herself firm with Curiosity in eyes and music in the heart.
Someone knocked the door of her heart and she allowed the stranger to enter not knowing if he was worthy of it.
She fought till the end against the world only to realize that she was never the one. She was hurt and broken but the warrior in her was stood firm.
Soon she gave a reckless look to the past and took the lanes to future. There was a lesson hidden in the pain where she learned to let go that was never meant to stay. All she wanted and respected was Free will.

A year passed and once again someone was peeking through the window of heart. With starry eyes and the innocent smile he won her heart and she decided to stay forever in his arms. Together they fought the odds and wished to hold each other till the black turned silver.Love was blooming but little did they know it was only a season to pass by and never to stay forever.

Probably life loved to see her drenched in the rain of pain and thunder in her heart is now louder than in the sky. broken dreams prick her eyes and the hollow heart sigh’s in agony as the breath of her love is merely at the mercy of almighty!

There is deep silence between the two. The mortal frames lay boundaries apart yet the Promises are still alive.
Her soul shines with a strength still hoping to turn silver, shrink and wrinkle together.

Every time she peeks deeper through her reflection she sees the endless wars that made the yellow flame of life wiser and stronger .
Today, as women, she stands prepared, to cross the aisles of the thirties, feeling at her best and complete.

She turns away from the mirror only thinking to herself that The constant tussle of life will make her look more beautiful as the days pass turning her into a vintage classic.


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