Barren heart…


Lying on the freezing sand I stare at the sky with empty eyes, The dark sky that i wish covers me up when I fall asleep for ever. Pale eyes that do not have a vision any more! Every broken dream has only left them hurt and bleeding.

There is mystic silence in the sound of the waves.The emptiness in me grows deeper and deeper and with every wave hitting the shore.There only a void left in me. The moment of death while I am still alive! I see my emptiness in everything that I look through. Dark hollow heart with No questions and no answers, No desires and no feelings. All I hear is its scream…A silent Scream! Its only the intensity that has reached the point where there is no emotion but just a blank space . The mind refuses to respond to the senses and the heart denies to comprehend . Any feeling that hits the wall of this wounded heart only echos in this void as a cry.

Absolute no connection to anything beyond this bare point. Life as barren land has its own addictive high.This hollowness binds me to the peaks of sky above and the depth of this planet , right down to the core. Everything in between is a void. The body moves but the soul seems to be detached.The fragments of spirit are now scattered far beyond the gather.


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