Toxic wisdom…….


I wish I could record my unreasonable laughter here…

This trip is bliss. I close my eyes and evaporate like the smoke in air, the smoke that has its own unique way to give you that high, and the high when everything is clear and lovely.

No polarities, no condition. Just the freedom! The melting of selves and flowing like river with no destination but the world as her home. It’s about just flowing and being in the moment,

The moment! You are one with yourself. One! In fact this word “one” also doesn’t define it well.

It’s just being .that one big zero the one big whole in itself is the world and the existence. The white vapors just fuming endlessly, burning flame that never extinguishes. The heat of the flame is so desire bale and so very wanted and most needed. The heat touching you and burning you bit by bit, the pain is so addictive, you know yourself here . The flame and the burning body all is one. You are the flame and you are the burning body. No words can describe that burn. Damn burn it all… Just flames all over… just fumes and nothing else.

Paint the universe yellow. The burning yellow…the life is in that yellow .the intensity of the life and so to the death. What is this life and what does the end look like? The end is the beginning and when it is the beginning it has to end. The point where the beginning and end meets… that point! It can’t be expressed with any earthly language. It has t be felt! Felt deep within.

Deep down your body, the root of your spine and the high of it. The central nerve which has all of it! Assembled, accumulated yet scattered all over.

The breaking of body in fragments and then assembling back in the style …the aura…The transparent yet stylish aura. The confidence the one glance that burns it all. That brings the turmoil, the storm. The destruction the end….the finale…. Where the end is not the end but the passion to end is the only thing that goes on and never ends….

The silence. The travel which takes you in unknown bright lanes with dark corners. The mysteries corners which you realize are your shades. You are that darkness. The pitch dark point and through you cuts the light of life illuminating this universe.

There is no body, no mind. It’s just the spirit, the dark spirit from which the light of life flows endlessly.

……………just close the eyes and feel. Feel the you, deeper and deeper just keep going……..


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