Souls injured by time…


Cluttered and Broken I sat on the wall of Life, watching over the wide of ocean desires and conditions seeking to find the shores of love and happiness.He was just another soul, partly infected, and partly healed with the venom of love; Lost in the lonely lanes of existence.He had an insane longing to yell in rage at the known world and the unknown behind the dark, starry skies; whilst I aspired to vanish in the same unknown.

Time was moving and so was the breath, I had the sketch but no colors and he had the colors but no sketch.  Rhythm of spirits was slow and the silence was the only tune of life. As we looked in each other’s bare eyes we saw the reflection of incomplete characters beneath the unconscious hearts.Unspoken stories and colorful dreams were shared. Instant spark circled us and the undying love was felt in the air.It was then decided that we shall walk together till eternity. The knots of souls were tightening. The same venom of love was now acting as the medicine.

As the sketch was turning into a most beautiful morning, the night came along casting its dark shadow. Only the ticking of clock was heard in the silence.We were moved apart by the curse of destiny and the force of universe. Soon the secret door of love to the life was being locked with the chains of death.Spirits once sparkling were again left bleeding in the war.  The old cuts were bruised once more, the smell of wounds was fresh in the mind and the pain grasped the soul.

Here we stand again deserted from life. Now I wish to yell in rage while he is forced to vanish in the unknown; for only undefined smiles, fragrance of melting bodies and the golden touches of love is left behind to linger in the passage of time that helped us feel the unknown within us for a while.


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