|To and Fro to Life| – The”ZERO”


The loneliness has carved it’s identify deep on each heart, millions of faces seeking the treasure of love and peace. As the darkness of night spreads it wings, some tired souls wish to rest and sleep, while there are few strange souls who wish to dissolve in the undefined madness of the night.

At this point no one seems to be mine and no one seems a stranger, the eyes hold the mystic power to connect with everyone and anyone around…As the city illuminates with lights, the light in me tears the darkness with wide aura leaving me compiled and connected to the power of life in me.

Why do I need this experience? Why am I here? What I am doing here? I see Countless sagas of love and hatred, endless wars in the quest of truth and liberation.What is that I would gain by solving these complicated equations of relationships and deriving survival strategies among these infinite spirits?

The bodies are constantly moving in the pursuit of happiness, truth. What is this happiness? Is this being rich and famous? Is this in having everything that you need around in material form which is created by us and only we hold the ability to get attached and transmit our energy in the form of emotions and feeling?Having some other body and spirit close to you to claim it as yours! Does it really belong to me in the end? Is there an end to all this or I keep going round and round in this  whirlpool of illusion!Does the key to unlock lie in the concrete structures where these bodies praise the source to glory and fight over his form and existence, struggling to seek the proof of its presence in the books, idols, miracles.Do we really need to plant the churches, mosques and temples to reap the fruits of faith? Aren’t we the faith itself?  Isn’t this breath which connects the perishable frame to the spirit beneath it the faith in itself? .And if this frame is perishable, why do we take this form?

Why have I chosen only this planet and my incarnation limited to forms of this planet? What have I learnt traveling so long? In fact does it really take so long to understand that I am the spirit? The part of the source itself! And if so why am I entangled in the suffering?Doesn’t this make the experience complicated and painful? Why this pain is needed or for that matter even pleasure?

They say there many more galaxies than ours and many more planets where life might exist? Why are we all searching for each other? What do we want to gain out of this? Show the power and ability of creation and the undying curiosity to question the source? Why does no other being do all this except humans? They just follow the instinct of living, why have we made this instinct so complex?

What if time on this earth slows down? Earth stops revolving and rotating in the space, who is it giving the constant energy of motion to this space? Who can make it still? Why doesn’t it become still , I want to see and experience that still and be there, or did I come from that and if so why don’t I remember …….

Why do we keep travelling for something when we know we have to begin with nothingness and end with nothingness!


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