Unspoken Vigor

1The soothing breeze turns into fierce wind, I stare at the horizon with lifeless eyes while life is moving in speed around me. The spirit mingles with the chilly wind, in the halo of webbed emotions I begin to walk, I walk in anger as though I am stuck in this maze of moving concrete structures, desperate to tear the casing and disappear into the unknown world. One minute my heart is broken and tears flow the other minute I laugh heartily at myself.

This aimless focus at the unknown tip has its own charisma of connecting me to the supreme consciousness.

Why do I search for this source in idols or human made buildings. Why do I need a medium to pile my faith and connect to that abiding spark of life when it’s there in me. Why should I bargain for the conscious desire when the energy of life itself is the root of my existence. Does it not hear my scream and does he not read my silence?  Does it not feel me and my pain in itself?

As I march I feel my spirit scattered in infinite sparks and freezing in different mortal known and unknown characters trying to chase the purpose of enacting the set roles and me being the center is the mere medium of the strength and courage with lifeless focus which in itself is the intimate point of uniting with the universal consciousness.

It’s just an instinct, No map, no goal is needed; I just have to walk endlessly. The stillness of spirit within the life is the only paradise. And when this truth is known the hunt for liberation and greed of captivity no longer exist.


One thought on “Unspoken Vigor

  1. “Spark of life when it’s there in me” – The best line. Embrace that spark and feel the warmth and you never know when the god element in you soothes the pain that the traveler has been carrying since ages.

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