Nowhere to be found….


Intensity to discover the real “ME” in “ME” is vulnerable. Courage is bowed on its knee and eyes are dull; the ray of hope doesn’t shine anymore. Unguarded fragments of inner beauty are scattered when I laugh at myself. Faith has lost its battle and feelings lay wounded waiting for the last breath.

Spirit is exhausted walking on the never ending roads. The game of hide and seek is never over in the passage of this globe. Reflections of karma, desires and dependency only leave growing fissures deep on the mirror of the souls.

I don’t wish to seek the happiness within confined frames of mortality anymore but to scatter in infinite rays of lights and assemble in the pure wide sky, back to source. There is a mystic longing to burn into flames and just merge with ether. Just remain constant thoughtless, desire less, the point where only existence is the whole within itself.


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