Sacred Vanish


Away from the routine and chaotic buzz of the city, I halt isolated at the shores.

A profound world of its own exists in the deep oceans. There is nothing that can ever destroy the existence of these waters and the timeless sunken, breathless tales that every wave narrates to the lonesome shores.

The white sand slips underneath my feet, Warm breath slows down and the icy breeze makes me shiver.

As I stare at the horizon, the tranquility of the deep blue sea reflects in my ever moving memories.

You exist in me as the ocean exists on the earth.

As the burning sun makes the clear sky blush brunette to wrap the ocean in its arms for the beautiful thick, dark night, I long to sinking me to nothingness and melt in you to fade away from the whole.

I shall now and forever be the time between your every breath, the burning flame with the fragrance of pure love in very you and the light of this divine blend shall glow in your eyes as the eternal vision.


One thought on “Sacred Vanish

  1. Very beautiful… Especially when “burning” is portrayed is such an elegant fashion that you wish to feel the same the very moment you read….


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