“Paradox”- The bridge of life

1Most of the souls love and work towards living rather experiencing the “Fairy tale “ life as described in our conditioned society.I am sure there is life dwelling other than our Earth but wonder if it’s similar to ours? Probably its simpler. Where creature’s only enjoy the existence and surrounding unlike us.

Well even tough life on our planet is complicated it is interesting. Some souls like me have been native to this globe for unknown years. Every time I tried to sync in the picture perfect frame it broke before completion. Something always told me that I was not meant to fit in that frame yet I was struggling to abide by the conditions or rather sacrifice my own beliefs.

Every single time I walked on the path similar to other souls around me, life just pushed on me unknown directionless piece of land.

Well as they say time teaches you all and here I am with an understanding that Its time to live what I believe in. Enjoy the existence, feel the presence of the supreme consciousness in everything around no matter where and how you are.

Having said that I also realize that there is no way to escape this act of constructing the path on which you want to walk and by the time you really want to enjoy your walk you are exhausted. No matter how known you are at the spirit level it has to match with the energy of your body and mind.

On the surface my journey is filled with same struggle of trying to meet ends and build the frame but beneath this bubble there is feeling of steadiness. The courage Is no longer wavering it’s there firm and strong. There is a feeling of acceptance or may be this acceptance is the key to enjoy the walk while you build the pat and not wait for the end when you have actually lost the joy and zeal for being there.

It’s the point where the darkness of sorrow merges with the light of Joy. The chaos in outer world contributes to the assembled inner world. The noise of mind introduces you to the universal silence of heart.The feeling of helplessness makes you realize the power of creation and resurrection. The conditioned surrounding makes you experience the give and take of anything and everything unconditionally in this journey.


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