Frame of Soul


Just want to lie breathless, lifeless gazing the sky.

Wish I could just take a short trip to my home up above hidden behind the wide blue sky. Its known and accepted deep down  that I can’t return to my home until the purpose of this journey is fulfilled.

For a while I believed that walking with another wounded soul and leading him to the light is the purpose, but soon the clock of breath reminded me that it’s only a part of it.The distance kept increasing, souls kept getting lost and memories kept fading.

I might have only reached halfway but I am exhausted. Every fight for justice brought injustice, every phase where I stood strong has broken my spirit  to fragments.

Every time I stop to mend the broken self there was a storm waiting  for me  to cut through it.

Long roads, lonely walks , changing paths!

Pain is the new addiction , silence is the companion and Darkness is the new vision in this endless war!

Everyone seems a stranger, Nothing around feels dear. It’s a moment where everything feels known yet unknown.Grief or Joy  makes no difference, absolute no desire!Just being there in that very moment of existence with no rush to live or even die.

It’s here that the succeeding time doesn’t bother you, Everything is stirring yet there is acute stillness.


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