Traveler and the Warrior

The first time I saw him, I ignored him. I was least bothered to even acknowledge his presence as his existence then hardly mattered. I was too caught up in the tides of time in my own ocean of life trying to meet my shore who was and is very far from me burning under the golden sun.

I never noticed the fact that he noticed me and read deep in my eyes. He was seen as the clown making people laugh around. For me, I never had to wait for him to cast the spell of his humor; I would just smile looking at him.

Little did we know that these mere smiles were weaving a long thread of connection that would allow our innerbeings to share the secrets of our sorrow! Silence was healing us in its own magical way. It seemed like we knew each other from some journey that we might have travelled together during some lifetime on this planet.


The lonely heartbroken warrior was set to make people smile and mend the broken bonds of love for his fellow travelers. As He wandered he searched for happiness, joy and love in peoples stories, He called himself an alien, the one who belongs to unknown world. The traveler was busy understanding the signs of universe, holding on to her faith in the hope of uniting with her twin flame who was equally awaiting her arrival to heal him and vanish in the mysterious space in the form of nothingness.

This halt where the traveler met the Warrior seems like the most remembered turning in her journey. It was a bond of just knowing and unexplained feeling that healed the traveler and the warrior. It’s obvious they would be returning to different paths leading to their final destination of this life, but this time where they crossed each other’s path will be treasured forever in memories.

While they walk together before changing the paths in quest of ultimate Truth within the confined spheres of duties and responsibilities, The traveler wishes to let the warrior know that his wounds are and will be healed as time travel’s along and that he needs to be proud of learning the lessons of strength, courage and unconditional love and be ready for another war of survival with the illusions of emotion and greed on this globe.


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