Enigmatic Healing with very existence


Standing alone in the center of the wide open land, I gaze above at the clear sky with bright moon smiling upon the rich globe.

For a moment I seal my eyes seeking to assemble my complete energy within my spirit, The brief silence slows the rhythm of my breath and thoughts blending it with the tune of earth‘s movement of revolving around its own axis.

The chilly wind embracing my spirit and a sudden moment of nothingness is felt leaving me rejuvenated from the deepest, darkest of me and bringing me face to face with my brightest side, Allowing me to be intimate with the powers of creation and destruction I hold to bring the balance in every single movement, force, theory that lives within and outside the skillfully carved mass known as body.

No matter how the circumference of my lifetime looks scattered, there is strong voice inside the sphere of life whispering to me that this was chosen and is a mere phase of my development as a soul.

Memories of love, joy, pain and agony held tightly in the clutches of my ancient times on this planet enlighten me with the mighty courage and unbreakable desire of rising that I hold in my present and shall craft my imminent.


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