1234567These days I feel a bit weird! I can relate to myself as a soul! I can feel that I am the soul and this body is my home!

When you or anyone talk‘s about me moving on, I know it’s not the thing. It’s not that I am holding myself from something or blocking the future, but something doesn’t seem right. Looks like time still has to unfold few realities and some synchronicity in the incidents is missing. I know that I am here for a purpose, the purpose is not very clear but I do have a vague idea.

The conventional definitions of settlement don’t seem like the goal of life. The feeling has changed from within.I know that these materialistic things will follow as they go parallel in the dimension of this planet where we are trying to learn our lessons and achieve the destiny rather sole purpose.I wish to connect to the higher entities, my guides who have worked with me life on Life. Seems like I am now getting closer to understanding the purpose of this life!

As far as you are concerned I don’t feel you are far, Deep down I know that you will continue to be a part of my life, but still the fear lingers around me once in a while.I am even guided to gather the knowledge of the soul’s, their journey and life between lives. It seems very interesting and sort of establishing a link to other signs that i have been noticing. I keep walking endlessly revisiting “us”in my memories until I have to force myself to look at the watch and know that it’s time to go home and rest. 

I know that you have your own tides of being confident of getting over and at time loosing up all. But fear not, This is just a phase and this phase itself is one of your important lessons. You along with your guides have chosen this life and you have an agreement with them of not remembering this, but there are certain goals and lessons that we souls have to experience and learn.

Probably we both are helping each other realize at this time and there are no accidents or Co-incidences in life! All is written agreed upon! Just that we have a deal not to remember our past lives and the conversations with higher entities consciously so that we can focus on leading and moving further rather than being stuck with past mistakes.

You are a soul and your soul is all healthy. Yes the emotional and physical suffering does leave a imprint of the soul but there’s always a way to rejuvenate and heal the spirit.

I may have not known you for many life’s but there is some connection. This bond is getting stronger and stranger. I love this journey with you and you are indeed my priceless twin flame.


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