Deep Whispers

I have been incarnating on this planet for quite some time now. I have changed forms like one changes clothes in the fashion world. I have been through the misery, the royalties, the wars and the peace.

Somewhere someone long time ago still carries the memories of my smiles and so do I. I have just absorbed pain and my soul is so well molded in it that  its own unique fragrance matured from the wet smell of tears that I shed for the fellow souls still lingers around.

Some part of the ocean still welcomes me and shares the stories of the time when it was the only world that I knew, The winds of north still bring the forgotten messages and sun keeps the ancient love young.When smiles just travel from heart to eyes in a fraction of second you are attracted.The strangers seem known more than ever when you share the wine of sorrow.

This human form is so wide and mysterious that despite knowing that you are not new to this play and characters you seem to be running out of roads towards your destination.

Deep down there is this soothing feeling that “all is well”, it’s all decided and agreed before I incarnated and I should be patient for time to flip the pages of this chapter, yet on the conscious level the heart and mind battles until the soul feels crippled and suffocated. It screams out the agony gazing at the wide clear sky in the hope of miracle from that one hand who taught us to write the book of our life.

No matter how much the casting, direction and acting improvises the plot remains same and not be reaching that so called  “HAPPY ENDING”. Something somewhere feels left out. This entire play is so tiresome.

I can take halt but the journey is never ending. At the end I must get going. The lessons of unconditional love faith, courage must be learned. The skill of being still and using the power of soul on the conscious level must be sharpened every time you come on earth.

I wonder if the schooling is same and if the practical sessions are so lengthy, advanced and intricate on other planets and galaxies?


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