9th November – The Autumn


Today, I miss you a lot more than any other day, despite being so strong and optimistic sometimes I hope to wake up where everything is just like before and that all this is happening is just a Bad dream. 

Seldom do I get into this feeling of denial, but when I do I feel very helpless. My heart just becomes silent as it doesn’t want to suffer at the thought of worse. I cry alone for some time and when I gathered the strength to get back to the routine I realized that we have exactly finished a year being miles away. 

We began our separate life with a though that we will set, save , gather  things and again get back together to live happily ever after ….. But I guess time had some other plans and here we are all scattered and clueless holding tight to our faith on almighty and accepting the bitter truth of life and death.  

I look forward to 6th December to see you, hold you that one time before you fly to US and I am left at the mercy of time and fate for allowing me to be with you once again. 

Everyone has their lessons and karma and no one can intervene that and your love should not hold your loved one from pursuing his own understanding and quest of connecting to his faith, belief and inner wisdom which in turn makes us realize that we are the part of that one supreme consciousness which continuously gives us signs and communicates through his own creations in different forms.  

May be this is ours, May be there is a purpose, a destiny as hidden treasure that we need to live and are unknown of …

Probably this is the time that we have learned to speak and understand this silent language of love. The connection seems stronger than ever and we no more need the eyes, speech and hands to convey our feelings. 

 Seems like this is the same language that nature shares to communicate with each other and sing the song of life with perfect symphony.Every day marks the arrival of numerous souls in new form and departure from the form. The form changes but this unknown, unheard yet familiar language of universe brings us together to contribute towards each other’s stories of love, hatred, envy, courage and Sacrifice and millions are reborn in the same form to realize their destinies, the divine path of life.


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