Reflection of Time

2Tied with the rope of breaths is the knot of our spirit and the universe brings me closer to you every moment making me adore you forever.

Every morning I see your dazzling smile when the rays of sun shine upon me,I feel your hug in the mist of lonely nights when the moonlight bends to kiss me,I hear you when the breeze softly whispers in my ear and when it rains your tears roll down my cheeks,With every thunder high in sky I know that your heart calls for me.

You are the very essence of my encounter with the precious feeling gifted by heaven and celebrated as Love.

For you this may seem the end as you feel defeated against the race of time and it’s your emotion rising from your conception of this destination of life which no one but you and the he who created you knows.

Although For me the ride has just begun,Whilst you choose to face and fight alone, strong and willed with every inch of you filled in me I shall walk the aisle of life as it comes and wait to see you full of life and conquer the judgment of time.


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