Falme of the Wise


The lustrous jewel is tied to the beautiful clay sculpture with the silken string of breath.

Together the figure is alive and with only shield of his powerful intellect is set on a journey to encounter other forms and together discover the truth and illusion of its very birth.

An explorer, who is accompanied by pain, is the one to see the joy in everything around him, the noise of the day makes him seek the silence of the night .The dark dusk gives him the hope for the gleaming dawn.

His body keeps moving but the spirit is still, His thoughts seem scattered yet as a soul he is assembled and composed.

The explorer is loathed with fabric to protect his skin from the wind of frozen north and the rains of thick woods, yet his soul remains nude burning in its own yellow flame as fierce as sun.

As every other sailor he awaits for his ship to land on the mysterious island of happiness, while deep down he knows that the tides of actions from deep oceans of desires are the ones to lead him to the shores of wisdom.

he traveler is filled with priceless memories from his experiences of smiles and tears, pain and pleasure, courage and fear, hardships and luxury, love and hate which when shared with fellow men turn to be the definition of his journey called life .


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