Voice of the Angels


All the roads to life seem blocked for the very moment when you hear that one whom you adore is suffering.

Everything was going well, suddenly the entire picture collapsed and there was only darkness in front of my eyes. He is miles away from me and I just couldn’t stop crying. He has made-up his mind and wishes me to move on, but how can I? Yes the day I heard this unpleasant news I was shaking, I was broken and my mind was captured by negative thoughts.

Not knowing how to assemble myself just wanted to Run to him and hold him in my arms and never let go. A lovely boy full of dreams in his eyes, unconditional love for his family and everyone around him and undying faith on his Jesus, has accepted the truth himself for a month and gathering the courage to fight it all alone.

With a heavy heart I have started to pray hard and all I seek from my lord is a miracle while he prepares to fly for his cure. All I know that there is a purpose for everything in life and that our lord loves us at all times. He never leaves us alone; we just need to have the devotion. May be this is the test for him, test of his courage and will power. Test for me, of my strength and faith. Fear is bad, when we fail to face and overcome it and starts getting trapped in our cells and takes a lethal physical form.

My heart says everything will go well and my sweetheart will come out clean and healthy and shall never ever fear anything again in his life. He might give a ray of hope and foundation of faith to millions out there in similar situation. Who knows that god is drawing us closer to our life purpose by making us go through this pain and we might just start serving and seeding the courage to all such people around the globe.

Universe always gives us a sign and every incident no matter how bad it looks it is for our good. When life takes unknown turns, it reads the signs of almighty and it will definitely bring the best out of us. Anything is possible in his kingdom when desired with pure heart. Few days ago I had written about DEATH, and here it is to scare me and see if I can truly implement my own words.

Just in two days I have known the value of Life, Value of the soothing touch of your loved ones, cherishing the moments of happiness and just standing firm for each other. Sitting alone under the open sky and asking the wind to pass my love to someone miles away! Opening my heart to wide sky and embracing the almighty. Knowing that life will continue to flow like water and no matter how stormy it looks now, a silent bright morning awaits us on the other end. These are times for us to know how close we are to our creator and how much we trust him.

While I pray for a miracle on my love I also pray for all others and may he guide all of us towards wisdom and peace. All of us should stay grounded and accept the suffering as lords wish and know that we are not alone; he is always beside us, holding us, loves us. When you stick to him you shall overcome all the difficulties of life.


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