Unspoken……For the treasured traveler.


It’s going to be a year now that we are far; all I would dream day and night was “US”, together and our life together.

I was counting days to see you, run into your arms, hug you and just listen to your heart beat, spend rest of my life with you. Little did I know that my perfect picture would be scattered in bits.You are miles away from me alone; you have made yourself strong, accepted the fact and it’s not easy. The end looks scarier when you know it in advance how it is going to be. 

If I would have known that you will keep going far and far I would have never let you go, just hold you tight and hide you from all. Time stands still and my mind is just occupied with flashes of our time spent together.The way we met was magical for me. I wish for the same magic against the reality of time.  

Winter is soon going to knock the doors here but seems it’s already entered my life. My breath is on, but heart seems dead. I miss the warm hugs of your arms, surprise kisses and sudden whispers of love.I miss the timeless silent cuddles and the crisp moments of just knowing through each other’s eyes that we are together.

 Just like dry withered trees I know that this winter shall pass and the spring shall arrive soon but I am just not ready for another spring, at the moment it feels better to be frozen with cold and dry wind.

 I just have a feeling that things are changing, but I just don’t want to see that change without you. I shouldn’t be holding you either for my own selfishness. May be this whole life was a misfit and god is giving you another chance to make it right from the beginning. 

I hate to be so strong, when my heart still says everything will be alright, and that we shall be together.

That one tiny ray of miracle, that little hope on almighty just keeps me away from touching the reality which you feel beneath your clean peace loving heart just as you name. It seems like a war of your submit to the truth and my will for you to withdraw and uncertain the certainty . 

While I try to assemble myself, life seems hazed. I don’t want to rush for clarity, I just want be still for now as I know time is the best healer and what has to happen will happen for a purpose that we might not see yet but he who knows the best is aware.  

It’s time for me to implement my own beliefs. My letter to you few days ago and my definition of mortality needs to be known and accepted than just mere writing. May be universe was giving me signs and insight to view the reality beyond seeking happiness within the confined.  

My heart somehow still says that you going to be fit but If you have read your signs  and it’s time for you to leave this frame then fly, choose your next life carefully my angel. Choose the souls around you carefully and most important never fear. This is the lesson you have learned in this journey. Be strong as rock and just charge at life as a fearless warrior. Learn by soul, your faith and your inner voice is your strength.

Know that all times our lord watches over us and he gives us the free will, to experience and learn, so pick the next wisely. May be this was the only time we were meant to spend in this journey, or this might be a stopover for us to meet again. But let me tell you in any case you are the most special passenger I have met in this journey and your smile is going to last forever in my heart.Our moments and pictures make my travel book the most precious and priceless.

 The real soul mate is someone who has been with you in every lifetime, not necessarily the one with whom you spend rest of your life, but the one whom you love the most and just have the divine connection. We are soul mates my love. We shall keep meeting and holding each other in some or the other form. May be this form isn’t meant for us or possible that this is just a testing phase. Let’s wait for time to unfold ……




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