untitledWe are terrified to face and horrified to greet it.

Creeping and crawling mutely it sneaks in,

Painful and harsh as it can be but no one can escape its grip.

Dark as shadow and sharp as arrow,

It pierces leaving behind the cage of flesh and bones hollow.

It slashes the ache and heals the grief.

Choking the desire for sorrow and pleasure, the evil is slaughtered brutally and the noble is released gently.

It leads to the ultimate truth, illuminates the power of existence.

Awards the freewill and persuades the newly liberated soul to once again confine itself in the cage of life.

It softly whispers that heaven and hell is a myth and Earth is your home.

Enjoy the beauty and spread the peace.

All that you seek can be achieved with in the cocoon of life and your breath Is the key to the treasures of wisdom.

You are a traveler and journey is still on, this was a mere halt to change your form.

Introduced as the dusk of Life and the End,

I re – define the DEATH as the dawn and this is where the sparkling spirit is born.


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