Confession of an Angel

imagesCA1ST8ZLThere was this little girl, lost in her world. Shinning bright eyes, small little nose, round face and rarely she would smile. Hiding from people and spending time alone, Zero friends in school and no distinction at home. Not afraid of anything she treasured darkness, She always wanted to fly high and run free under the sky. As she grew she wanted to design, create, mold and smear the colors. Forever fascinated to travel the earth and delve into the deep oceans. Her choices were termed foolish and she was forced to accept what was told. Soon she was conscious and accepted her duties, Stood firm to make family smile and kept her dreams aside, She thought she will finish others wishes first and later go for hers, Time ran fast, others wishes turned into demands and soon she discovered that her youth was partially lost. Tired of answering and justifying, Angry and furious she wanted to question everyone as to why so many questions? Why is the simple life viewed with a complex lens? Why can’t I live life on my own terms? Why do I need someone’s Approval and why should I seek permission? She is fine- looking lady now with same shine in her eyes, Dressed as butterfly striving for her lost world to become real. For her she is a reflection of almighty’s light and had chosen to be born on planet earth with a purpose of finding wisdom by meeting other souls, sharing smiles, healing agony, loving nature and just dissolving in the heavenly mist. Armed with faith, indestructible power to connect and strength of truth she is determined to walk alone and create her own road. Hoping to travel miles, leaving behind the footprints she still fights for the liberty of her soul.


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