Rhythm of Life

Past few years were very turbulent. Everything was dotted professionally and personally.Relationships seemed misty and clouded with dark emotions. Nothing appeared appealing and promising in living. Every attempt to rise up was choked with assumptions and false allegation, truth was questioned and friendships were forgotten. With murky sentiments and desperate need of alteration in habitat I left my homeland. When I look back in time and compare, now I find myself much patient and positive. I am calm and centered. I have been able to retrieve the “real me”, who was enclosed with the fog of constant plotting and buried with the weight of resentment.

Commitments are still the same, yet I have been able to find that “ME TIME” where I was able to look within,Relate the synchronicity of each incident and association with people in my life thereby strengthening my faith and beliefs. I still dream and my list of wishes is still long, but now I trust them instead of questioning them.

On contemplating over this change in me I noticed that our surrounding is in charge of our physical and mental behavior to an extent.

Economical crisis are definitely one of the root cause of worries and insecurities in any part of the world these days and almost everyone passes through this phase at some point trying to balance the race between human needs and greed’s.But in some places just the regular life can take toll on you.My current location is less populated. There is an ease in overall lifestyle. You don’t feel drained with routine activities because of the amenities and clean environment. People here seem to be more relaxed, happy and secure with their economic provision and the exchange of positive energy is higher.The overall look is much sorted.

On the contrary India is highly populated nation and life is certainly not easy, especially for the population dwelling in middle class economy. India is grasped with environmental, social and economical issues. A quick glance and Cities look crowded and congested, Streets are clogged with vehicles, Air and water is polluted with untreated disposal of waste. People feel they are trapped in this cage of life, not realizing that it’s an outcome of a vicious circle of their own angry, frustrated, imbalanced thoughts and actions.

If we are encircled with disorder and confusion most of our time then that’s exactly how our inner system will respond to it. It’s a sequence, what goes in is what comes out and can been seen in every area of life. We are constantly surrounded by living forms, rather energy beings with varied frequencies. There is a continuous exchange of energy within and around us weather it’s a public place, your home or scenic view. Every mind is endlessly working and there is a persistent release of various emotions and thoughts amongst us, Needles to say the percentage of negative thoughts is certainly become high. The anxiety that we absorb in our bodies from surrounding kills the potential of our mind to think positively thereby disturbing the overall balance of our system which in turn is an indication towards rising health and personality concerns.

It’s obvious that we cannot escape it unless there is a conscious, collective effort towards cutting these chords of negative energies at regular intervals by altering our lifestyle. When our minds are clean, our thoughts will be clean and so will be our actions. Our body mind and spirit need to be well integrated with our physical environment in order to match the rhythm of life.


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