I in India #2


One of the challenging tasks in today’s fast paced, technically advanced life. My views may not be applicable globally as I feel the history of particular ethnic group’s civilization also plays a significant role in characterizing this act. 

As far as my homeland is concerned I am of the opinion that it’s also one of the most commercialized jobs in our morally supple yet firmly defined society. The appearance of the process of bringing up the new generation does vary on a superficial level considering the diversity of cultures in the nation, however the perception remains same. It does begin with the pure and immortal connection of motherhood and fatherhood but as time moves along it turns into a trade of emotions.   

Some parents toil hard to give their children a better life, some look at them as long term investment while some are least bothered to acknowledge the presence.   

Most of the times Parents who struggle are the ones who themselves have seen the bitter side of life. As the child grows in this environment he is constantly reminded and taught how demanding and ruthless life can be. Directly or indirectly the child starts absorbing the pressures of sacrifice and duties. This becomes the concrete base of his entire thought process. His decision making abilities and aspirations become limited to his emotional network while his definition of love and relationship is merely based on the ability to forgo. 

The second kind is the one where the youngster is brought in the range of an average to lavish livelihood with a mix of gains and loss. The parents of this category are either obsessed with the worldly pleasures or are very insecure with the economic circumstances. Here the descendant is circuitously haunted to chase the acquisitive stuff. The dreams that parents could not fulfill for themselves are dumped on the youth and they are pushed towards occupational and personal goals without trying to know their own will. The lives are traded against the expansion of business empires in the name of holy union, baptized as marriage.

Third scenario is self explanatory, the life of offspring is never defined, they are just left to swim the unknown waters and find their own shores. Seldom will you find a skillfully faceted gem shining from this assortment.      

 Fare quantities of these specimens who realize do go against the grain and manage to make a difference though they are tormented and alleged to be going against the traditions or termed as arrogant, wild, insensible youth. Only handful of parents appreciate and encourage the ideology to walk on unconstructed road.

Every soul has the full right to its life and is free to choose the way it wants to understand the ride on this planet.We need to recognize that we are merely the channel for the soul to have the physical form. We love them as they are a extension of our physical and spiritual energies, All kind of gestures towards them weather a responsibility or care are also out of our own will, they cannot be used a bargain for selfish desires. The will to do something to make someone happy needs to come from within not by force.

You give birth to a new life and you are responsible in molding, nurturing the baby for encountering a beautiful youth and mature adulthood. As guardians we need to make them aware of the rights and wrongs, to hold them when they fall, guide them through our experience and observations and not be control freaks trying to accomplish personal failures, greed and never searched happiness under the defense of genetic or social association.


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