India! My nation,

One of the most colorful realms on this globe!  

The native land of Hindus with diverse roots of varied cultures and traditions, over 780 languages, 3000 caste, and 25000 sub castes worshiping nearly 33 million forms of Supreme Being identified as GOD.From the spotless white Himalayas to the vast ocean, shattering voices narrating the chronicles of war in the quest of beauty, power and greed can be heard.

 India has always welcomed and embraced the concept of modernization and very boldly accepted democracy after a lengthy wrestle of freedom with foreign rulers. We have managed to cope up with the competition in almost all the fields and successfully achieved the title of developing nation. However when we look deeply we can see the burrows of corruption and crime beyond repair. 1.25 billion Inhabitants of the country are living with it and often blaming the system for the same not realizing that the system that we live in is made by us, our thought process is the root of it. 

Our society is formed of rigid common set of beliefs, often explained as inheritance from our forefathers and that it is our duty to carry forward the same. I believe that we all are energy beings and energy never dies, it keeps transforming and passes through atoms and mass. The modern India and the principal thought process of Indians is a result of the energy left behind with time. 

India’s topping the chart for crime against woman and domestic violence. For centuries the upbringing of infants has been gender biased. From a very young age the soul is exposed and forced to mold itself in the environment of authority and supremacy. The free will is pulled from roots before it even sprouts. The entire society in small groups is webbed with inflexible strings of unrealistic emotions in the aid of family and relationships. 

Often in cases of abuse the society is found blaming the women and very conveniently it’s said that the female was in inappropriate attire or environment and that provoked the opposite gender.A land where Buddha was enlightened fails to realize that Desire is the outcome of our body if you can’t respect anyone’s body then you cannot respect anything and probably are a misfit to humanity.It feels vulnerable to hear something like this where the Yin energy in the form of goddess is worshipped and her existence is massively celebrated with rich rituals.

 Now this is what the residents of Indus valley need to understand that the dharma is not in rituals, it is in your own hands but your karma! And your karma is a result of your thought process and the environment that you are exposed to. Most of the rituals that you perform in Hinduism is related to invoking the 5 elements and purifying your five senses whereby you balance the acts of your mind and body whilst your spirit is travelling towards enlightenment.

Bhagwad Geeta, the Hindu holy book, Narration of one of the greatest war between the dharma and karma of its era also summarizes the same, whereby your pandavas are the 5 senses and kauravas the 100 evil thoughts. Your body is your temple and that your soul, inner consciousness is your god. What you intake with your 5 senses and how you perceive is what you will give out.  

The change has to begin from each one of us with an intentional attempt of breaking these rusted historical chains of diplomacy and altering the energies with refreshing view. We have to reach that point where all of us are accepting the revolution at the same pace.

However, Its never the end








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