Seeking Happiness….

3Now and then distance brings me closer and staying too close takes me ends apart.Chaos in mind and pin drop silence deep in heart; Listening and acting per own will is become an intricate task.

 As I wake up to the rising sun, I see eyes full of expectation gazing me, prompting me of my Juggle with accountability and dependability. I am the one gathering and holding them when they fall, only to be left fallen and scattered myself.

 Determined to bring smiles on the known faces; I accepted all that is unknown to me. With shallow center I aim hard to convince myself that the web of obligation is the reality of life.Someone desires an obedient daughter, someone wants a gentle mother, someone craves a sensitive friend and someone fancy’s a charming lover, yet nobody has been anxious to ask what I need and what I want?

 Every time I try to peep out of the window to breathe the air of freedom I am pushed and locked behind the door of traditions and sacrifice. Though I mask my body behind the velvety attire of forged civilization my soul remains raw and nude in the hope that one day I will be enclosed with admiration and liberal love.



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