Best Creation

You are the breath of this universe; you are the women, the ocean of emotions.

Your smiles shares a story of strength, your silently flowing tears spread the message of tolerance; your dazzling eyes hold the in numerous tales of sacrifice.

Your heart is as soft as wax and ever ready to melt in the flame of true love whilst your hands have the soothing Midas touch that heals every known and unknown agony.

 Cross the restricted boundaries that compel you to live within the frame of fear and supremacy. Let your inner beauty not be gripped in fist of terror and bullied with power, for you shall know that he who created you holds you as you walk on this planet where the song of life can’t be sung without you striking the right chord.

 Set the spirit free on to this amazing voyage to explore, embrace the absolute love from the nature that nourishes you and connects you to the Universal known with the twine of peace and joy.

 Be still as you encounter displeasure and delight for stillness is the secret to open the entrance of illumination as you reflect upon your own karma and seek the trail of truth and wisdom.

 Look at everyone and everything around you as a mirror as this shall ameliorate for you to peep with in onto the golden spirit of yours and allow the radiance of pure knowledge to diminish the darkness of malicious thoughts in you, making you shine as the most precious jewel around.


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