Being Human?

blog2How does it feel to grow older day by day? The individualistic definition or rather projection may differ based on ones gender and social surrounding. For Most fear the arrival of 30’s and further.

Probably as the wrinkles increase on face the light of innocence in those glittering eyes diminishes. Sparkling smiles, Unreasonable laughter, chats with butterflies, walks with grazing cows and singing with birds disappear while trying to figure, fight and understand the fixed destination and a road map given to every soul that is born in Human form.

Majority of the soul population looses this fight merely by giving up on the checklist of life and gets too engrossed in climbing the ladders of numerically represented basic needs and appearance quotients against the growth years.

As you grow the alarm rings high and you are conditioned to figure your position in settlement and achievement chart of life. There is strong system that Humans have created over the strenuous years of evolution. Decade over Decade we used our imaginative powers of brains to understand, invent and govern the “convenience” factors for own selves. We explored every possible being on this plant to understand the physics and chemistry of the very existence. As the soul matures in its physical and social environment the cocoon of conditions around him grows thicker making the real purpose of birth fade away.

Our physical routine has indeed simplified with these infinite inventions, however the mental and emotional condition has gained a complex state and is wrapped behind the ugly feelings of fear, ego, and anger far beyond obtainment of solution from these super creative minds.

Souls in every other form on this planet are free and seem to be strongly connected to the supreme consciousness and yet be disciplined and organized, while the human form seem to have lost the ability to balance the utilization of this amazing power of creation and basic sense in correct way.

Each one of us is responsible and has contributed in aggravating these negative powers by failing to comply with the basic law of balance. Do we really need a system to connect to the supreme consciousness? If yes then the results are by far worse than not having a system in place. Other living species seems to be in much more balance and understanding of the planets governing laws.

There are extreme polarities to everything on this planet. The importance of positivity can’t be known without being burnt with negativity. The power of thought can create as well as destroy. Today’s time the destructive thoughts have empowered the creativity.

There is s strong need for our community to work towards creating this balance in meeting our routine needs of   life and yet wanting to feel, understand and think about all that is beyond your physical senses.

The key lies in making a conscious effort to see everything around with unconditional view, the one in which there is respect for freedom of expression, there is love for every being and the knowing Life being a journey and we are sparks of light reflected from the supreme universal energy known as “GOD” and hold all the powers within us to create and destroy.


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