The Gift of life


Each one of us here are to experience this planet and explore in our own chosen unique ways so that we learn the most precious lessons during this journey of our soul, which is very much called as “LIFE”. All of us are in Love all the time with something or someone in physical or virtual form.

There is no heart that has escaped this emotion. Sometimes this forced under the name of a genetic connection and sometimes it rises with no logical reasoning. Given a deep thought this is one feeling that actually binds the entire universe between the ends of birth and death, rather in the continuous journey to experience in different forms. As we live we love and as we love we give birth to a new life. The chain is endless circle

This is a emotion which can do wonders and the one who knows to embrace this in right way will never feel alone or left out irrespective of the physical situations and surroundings around him or her. We do and need to love everything and anything around. It’s all connected. It is only this feeling which is the start of all other feelings over and is present throughout this viscous circle of survival, desires, achievement and failure.

There are no limitations to love. We humans have restricted the expression of this emotion within the rigid halo of so called “Society” created by us over the centuries. Sometimes there are people around us who may appear very frozen in terms of emotional gestures, but doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings or emotions. The secret lies in learning the trick and being able to strike a balance wherein you stop holding yourself and others from being themselves under the ally by of various shades of emotions.

Being a good partner, parent or child doesn’t mean that you always have to be around and keep assuring them of your presence and love. It’s just about being with them when they need you. Where there is true love there is no need of any kind of gestures to assure your people, because they will just understand you and so will you. That’s just how the language of love can do wonders. There are no conditions in love, no matter what relationship you are in.. If you love someone you have to set them free. Well expressed freedom will make the roots of trust stronger. It has to come from within and it will with a lot of variation in the style of expression. We all need to learn to look within and understand that whole happiness, truth and wisdom that we are seeking in outside world lies very much within us. It’s how you let yourself open up and just take that leap in the wonderful deep ocean of your very existence.


6 thoughts on “The Gift of life

  1. Welcome aboard and what a wonderful start… Wonderfully crafted piece of writing. Loved each and every word you wrote! Keep up the good work and cheers 😀


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